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How Batali Associates Work

Most of all, I’m a coach. I don’t leave you with a list of things to do. I teach you how to do them. There are few problems in the hospitality business that I haven’t solved. There are opportunities that remain to be seized. I can provide just the resource to help you make the most of your business. I will not work on a project unless I truly believe that I can make a difference. I will leave you with the tools and resources to continue the growth that begins with my involvement.

Let me learn about your business. Many times the apparent problem is different from what we’ll actually want to work on first. I am adept at reading a business, and getting to the root of the opportunity. I am happy to meet with you and talk about the state of your operation. Hey, the first hour is on me!

What Services and Solutions Do We Provide?

  • Business and operations development
  • Business planning and concept validation
  • Menu analysis: Format and layout
  • Consulting from concept to design
  • Financial systems implementation
  • Employee selection consulting
  • Sales and service training workshops
  • Executive and management coaching
  • Interim executive services
  • Competitive research
  • One-stop solution to procurement processes
  • Customer service improvements

Contact Batali Associates

For more information regarding my services and solutions, or to discuss the needs of your business and how I can best assist you, please call me at (425) 672-8760, or complete the online contact form.